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Meet Tony & Dore King - Owner-Operators

Tony has been in the used car industry since 1986. He has seen a lot of changes! He is a hands on kind of guy and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty if the job calls for it. He wears many hats that have played a part in their success. But it must be said (as a lot of you may know) that behind every good man is a great woman and that's where his wife comes in. Since 1987 they set into motion their desire to build a business that would allow them both to be at home to raise their sons. Now adults themselves, they understand the value of hard work and the self-worth it creates and can pass that on to their children.

This family is truly thankful for that legacy and the opportunities that have come because of that hard work and they're not done yet! They say they will continue to be diligent stewards of this business as they strive to meet the needs of every customer they are able to... personally.

They are old school buyers meaning they like to kick tires, pop hoods and even look underneath a vehicle to get an idea of its history or use by prior owners. Their main focus is to offer quality, preowned, affordable vehicles with plenty of life left for the economically minded person. Being an owner-operated, mom & pop business allows them to interact with customers and give them the personalized service they are known for. It also keeps your cost down.

We look forward to serving you soon!

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